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    Cyprus Facts to Know Before Relocating

    Nov 7, 2019

    Before you pack up your belongings and relocating to Cyprus, you want to know everything you possibly can about the place you’re going to call home. Although it may be a relatively small island, there are lots of things to know about real estate opportunities in Cyprus. However, when you do make the move, you don’t want to just know about the properties or property market. After all, this is going to be the place where you start your new life. To help put your mind at ease, we’re going to look at some fun, unusual and interesting Cyprus facts that you might not know yet but should.


    Cyprus Summed Up

    Located in the Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus is an island country that has grown into a key financial and tourist centre within the area. Living in Cyprus is a pleasant, laid-back experience for many reasons. It’s perfect for families because of its safe and secure nature while also being a hub for professionals because of low-stress levels and hardworking yet friendly people who make working life nice and easy. There’s an array of beautiful places to explore and settle down to your new life in Cyprus, including the districts of Nicosia, Famagusta, Paphos, Larnaca and Limassol. These 20 Cyprus facts will give you a little more insight into what the country has to offer when you relocate.


    20 Cyprus Facts

    1. Known for its warm weather, Cyprus only receives an average of 40 days of rainfall each year
    2. The whole of Paphos is a UNESCO world heritage site and has plenty of Mosaics as well as the Tombs of the Kings and Sanctuary of Aphrodite to be explored
    3. It is one of the oldest wine producing countries in the world and has more than 50 wineries located on the island
    4. Now a popular tourist spot, Ayia Napa was once covered in a thick forest which was uninhabited
    5. In Ancient Times, Nicosia was officially named Ledra
    6. Dating back more than 4000 years, the world’s oldest perfume was discovered in Cyprus
    7. Some of the world’s oldest water wells can be found in Cyprus
    8. Although Cyprus gained independence from the British on 16th August 1960, independence day is actually celebrated on October 1st
    9. The island’s capital is divided by the green line, separating Nicosia into two different parts – known as the UN buffer zone, this is the only capital in the world that is divided between two nations
    10. There are 1950 species of flowering plants worldwide, 140 of which are found only in Cyprus
    11. At 6402 ft above sea level, Mount Olympus is the highest peak in Cyprus
    12. Officially, halloumi is only halloumi if it’s made in Cyprus
    13. Cyprus has 64 blue flag beaches, making it one of the best coastlines in Europe
    14. Legend states that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love,  was born and rose from the foam near a rock off what’s now Aphrodite’s Beach in Cyprus
    15. The country is known as the playground of the Gods
    16. The island is 240 kilometres long and 100 kilometres wide
    17. It is officially named  the Republic of Cyprus and is divided into two areas, Cypriot Turks live in the north and Greek Cypriots live in the south
    18. Cyprus is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world
    19. Easter is the main holiday in Cyprus as approximately 80% of the population follow the Autocephalous Greek Orthodox faith
    20. Cyprus is the first country to be governed by a Christian